Jonel Car Rentals, LLC hereinafter called Lessor, hereby rents to the Customer signed within
this document, herein called Customer, the Motor Vehicle (which includes all tires, tools, and
accessories), described as part of this Rental Agreement in consideration whereof Customer
and Authorized Driver acknowledges and agrees:

1. Vehicle is the property of Lessor and is in good operating condition upon acceptance of
vehicle. If not, Customer will immediately notify Lessor. Customer will return vehicle in the
same condition and in running order as when received, ordinary wear and tear accepted, to
the place and on the date specified in this Agreement or sooner, if demanded by Lessor.

2. The vehicle will not be operated: (a) To carry passengers or property for a consideration
expressed or implied; (b) To propel or tow any vehicle or trailer or any other object; (c) In
any race, test, or contest; (d) By any person other than the Customer provided that such
operators be at least 25 years of age and duly qualified, licensed and listed on the front of the
rental agreement as an Authorized Driver; (e) By any person under the influence of alcohol or
any other controlled substance.

provides automobile liability protection to authorized drivers listed on this rental agreement
for causing bodily injury or death and property damage to others resulting from the use of
this vehicle; said policy carries a deducible; Customer is responsible for and must pay
deductible; said policy provides that Customer or driver of the vehicle must immediately after
any accident report the same to Lessor at the location where the vehicle was delivered to
Customer. This protection is limited at follows:
A. Lessor’s protection does not apply until after the limits of all liability insurance and/or
other protection available to the Customer and/or Authorized Driver (personal automobile
insurance, employer’s insurance and / or other protection or indemnification, whether
primary or excess) are exhausted, and then Jonel Car Rentals, LLC protection applies only to
the extent it is needed to meet on a cumulative basis with all such liability insurance and/or
protection available to the Customer and/or Authorized Driver the minimum financial
responsibility limits required by U.S. Virgin Island Code to the extent required by law.
B. Lessor’ protection does not provide coverage to Customer/Authorized Driver for injury to,
or death of, Customer Authorized Driver or any guest or passenger of Customer / Authorized
Driver’s family members related by blood, marriage, or adoption or who reside with the
C. Lessor’s Protection does not include uninsured motorists or motor vehicle, supplementary
or no fault, or any other insurance that is optional or can be waived, and Customer joins
Lessor in waving and rejecting such insurance.
D. Lessor’s protection does not include any obligation to which Customer/Authorized Driver
or any insurance carrier may be held liable under workman’s compensation or disability
benefits law; any obligation assumed by Customer/Authorized Driver under any contract of
whatever nature; a liability of Customer /Authorized Driver; or employer of either for
personal injury, death or property damage caused directly or indirectly as a result of reckless,
abusive or negligent driving.
E. Customer shall and will be held responsible for all damages, vehicle downtime, injuries or
death, resulting from his/her operation of rented vehicle or his/her negligence, and shall hold
harmless and indemnify Jonel Car Rentals, LLC and its agents of and from any claims, suits,
expenses, or attorney’s fees, arising therefrom.
TO THE EXTEND ANY OF THE PROTECTIONS IN parts B., C., or D. above are required by
applicable law, it will not exceed the minimum financial responsibly limits of U.S. Virgin
Islands code.
from or in excess of the protection provided to Authorized Drivers by Lessor.

4. Customer will pay Lessor on demand all time and mileage service, minimum or other
charges in this agreement at rates so shown or pursuant to the provisions hereof, in the event
Lessor makes any claim against Customer, Customer will pay a reasonable attorney’s fee
together with all out-of-pocket expenses of collection or repossession and court costs.

5. Lessor is hereby authorized to repossess the motor vehicle anytime it is being used to
violate the law or this Rental Agreement, is being operated in a dangerous or unsafe manner,
appears to be overloaded or appears to be abandoned, or is driven by an unauthorized driver.
Lessor is also hereby authorized to repossess the motor vehicle in the event Customer has
made a misrepresentation in order to obtain the motor vehicle. Customer hereby waives any
and all notice of repossession and court costs.

6. Customer is responsible for and will reimburse Lessor promptly on demand for all loss or
damage to vehicle. Customer will be responsible for entire loss or damage sustained by Lessor
and shall apply Lessor the same promptly upon demand.

7. Customer shall not permit any repairs to the vehicle, or suffer any lien to be placed upon it
without Lessor prior written consent; and Customer shall pay any and all unauthorized
charges in connection with any repairs or storage.

8. Customer shall be liable for any damages to the vehicles as a result of forced entry into the

9. Customer shall be liable for damage to the interior or exterior of vehicle resulting from
negligent loading, unloading and handling of baggage and/or special equipment.

10. Customer shall be liable for any damage or loss to the interior or exterior of vehicle
resulting from failure to secure vehicle against rain or water damage.

11. Customer agrees not to leave pavement (Concrete/Asphalt) with the exception of place of
residence. Customer assumes responsibility for all Tire damage resulting from driver’s
operation of vehicle and/or road conditions. Do not take vehicle off paved roads (concrete/
asphalt), except for place of residence. Driving on beaches, trails or washed-out roads is

12. Vehicle must be returned with the same amount of gas as when contract was issued.
Refueling charge of $50 plus cost of gas applies. No refund will be issued for gas.

13. CLEANING and/or DAMAGE charges may be assessed upon Customer’s return due to
abuse or misuse of vehicle.

14. Tops may not be lowered or removed and if damaged, repair costs may be assessed. Do
not remove vehicle’s top or open sunroof. No transporting items on the vehicle’s roof.
Customer is responsible for all damage to top.

15. U.S. Virgin Islands law requires the use of seat belts and child restraints for all passengers
seated in rental vehicles. Drivers who fail to use seat belts may be subject to fines and

16. Customer agrees to return the vehicle to the original place of origin.

17. Customer agrees to use this vehicle solely on Saint Thomas or Saint John, US Virgin

18. In consideration of Limited Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) agreed upon herein, Lessor
agrees to relieve Customer of liability for collision damage except for the first $1,500, which
the Customer shall pay in cash or credit card, and except for exclusions and limitations set
forth in this rental agreement.

19. Damages are to be considered repairs, and repairs are to be considered a provided service
by this company, and part of this sale. SELF-INSURED drivers, utilizing Personal Insurance
(must provide proof) or Credit Car Insurance, acknowledge complete responsibility for all
costs incurred.

20. If Customer has directed the billing charges to be transmitted to another person, firm or
organization who fails to make payment prompt when due, Customer will promptly pay
Lessor said charges upon demand.

21. Lessor shall not be responsible or liable for loss or damage to any property left, stored, or
transported at any time by Lessor at the request or, with knowledge of Customer or any other
person in or upon vehicle either before or after the return thereof to Lessor whether or not
said loss or damage was caused by or related to the Negligence of Lessor, its agents, servants
or employees. Customer hereby agrees to hold Lessor harmless from and to defend and
indemnify Lessor against all claims based upon or arising out of loss or damage referred to

22. In no event shall Customer or the driver of vehicle be or be deemed the agent, servant, or
employee or Lessor in any manner or for any purpose whatsoever.

23. Customer must file a standard police report on all damage or theft to vehicle and will pay
promptly all fines, penalties and forfeitures imposed for parking or traffic violations while the
vehicle is held, used, operated, or driven pursuant to this Rental Agreement. Customer will
hold Lessor harmless and indemnify less against all such claims arising out of such violations.
Customer is required to provide Lessor with an official copy of the police report and / or
police report number, as well as copies of citations and receipts for any payments of such

24. Customers rental period and rental dates is printed in this Agreement. Failure to obtain
extensions to that date, may result in Lessor’s need to issue a warrant for vehicle due to the
unavailability of the vehicle for Customers’ use. Customer must obtain authorization for any
and all extensions, a minimum of Twenty Four (24) hours prior to rental expiration. Without
permission of extension, vehicle may be considered missing or stolen.

25. No right of Lessor under this Rental Agreement may be waived except in writing by an
officer of Lessor.

26. This Agreement is to be considered a sales of service and all provisions within, including
damages are to be consider part of this sale. Customer must return vehicle to place of rental
in the same condition which it was received, else be held liable and responsible for any and all
damages incurred, including “downtime” reimbursements.

27. The Rental Day Begins and ends at the time listed in this agreement Customers must
return vehicles at time stated or they will be charged additional days.

28. Always Drive on the Left. Speed Limit is 10 MPH in town and 20-35 MPH outside of town.
Obey all traffic signs, No passenger for hire or subletting of vehicle. Do not pick up
hitchhikers. No Animals in Vehicles.

29. No Refunds for Early Return or Late Pickup of Vehicles.

30. $275 Cleaning Charge for Returning Excessively Sandy or Dirty Vehicle (Vacuum prior to

31. The maximum number of passengers allowed in the vehicle at any one time, including the
driver, shall not exceed the number of seat belts. All drivers and passengers must wear a
seatbelt at all times while in the vehicle.

32. Any action to enforce the terms of this contract shall be brought in the United States
Virgin Islands under USVI Law. All costs, expenses and expenditures including and without
limitation, complete legal cost incurred by the Lessor on a solicitor/client basis as a result of
any default by the Customer, will forthwith upon demand be paid by the Customer as part of
this agreement. All charges will bear an interest at a rate of Twelve (12%) per cent per annum
from the due date until paid.

33. Lessor may substitute vehicle brand or type. Lessor will make every attempt to match or
make larger the vehicle type which the Customer has requested.